Vive Le Football


Hi Manager,

We're the Vive le Football development team. Just like you, we're a group of football-loving "old boys" with the dream of creating the most unrestricted and most realistic football game.

With the Alpha Test of Vive le Football is about to launch, we're writing this letter with both anxious feelings and anticipation. Although the VLF is not a finished product yet, we still wish to tell the first of those who will play it about how we created this "realistic and unrestricted football world" step-by-step.

As senior football fans,duringthe developingprocess ofVLF, we often contemplate the question : what a "more realistic football game"is. Is it the high-poly modeling of players? Or is it the football field with the most lifelike green grass? Or is it the skillful AI?

In these traditional sense, we have made a lot of efforts for creating "realness". For example, the use of images and names of the football players in this game is under license from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV, and we also obtained official license by A.C. Milan. In addition, motions of players in the game are entirely from motion-captured by real players. On our self-developed engine we tested time after time and achieved in the game a dynamic baking effect that is more realistic to real light.

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