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Four years as a day, the two or three things behind "Football" We, as a group of football-loving technical houses, more than a dozen people got together to make such a football game that can be operated in real time. In the initial version, after we played it ourselves, we always felt that we were not satisfied enough (mainly because most of the people were deeply influenced by animation/movie\(,), so we added tactical routines and player skills; we can choose the offensive tactical routines and match them. A number of different builds play different styles of play, and at the same time, the players can form a combination of skills through tactical coordination. In addition, each player has his own skills, which can show his personality on the court, making the whole game more interesting. .(( Proudly

As an e-sports mobile game authorized by FIFPro, "Sports Field" has 54 countries, leagues, and hundreds of club players, with a total of more than 60,000 international players' names and portrait rights, giving you a real enough stadium world! A team starts from the community league and eventually becomes the world's top team, creating a dynasty and embarking on the pinnacle of life.

The core mainstay of "Fresh Stadium" is the engine "Fireworks! Research and development takes 3 years, self-developed, self-developed, painstakingly built, and perfect integration with game design, with 3D real deterministic physics engine, millisecond-level dynamic reorganization of real-time animation technology , SQUAD interpolation technology that highly restores animation, WARP technology that improves animation expression and touch accuracy, animation fusion and dynamics (FK/IK) technology, AI system combined with behavior tree and neural network, dynamic responsibilities and sixteen yuan Real-time AI algorithms of tactical formations, etc., through the construction of the world’s leading technical solutions to create original high-tech physics engines. For us, “The Fireworks Engine is not just for a game. R&D and production of engines are eager to be technically true. Be self-sufficient, and finally make our own football game, in the future, let players play world-class football developed in their own country


Unlike traditional football mobile games, the mobile game "Football Player" can control the team

The game, you can also let the system automatically help you complete the game. If you feel that the system's automatic game substitution is not strong enough, you can choose your favorite tactics and commonly used routines, and trigger these special routines through multiple players in the game, just like a team coach chemically reacts to the combination of players. In the same way, combine the values ​​of multiple players to create a more powerful effect! More tactics can be unlocked by passing through levels~

Finally, our original intention to make games is not only because we love games and football, but also we want to contribute to the inheritance of football culture. Games are also a kind of communication medium. Games are one of the bridges for people to understand culture. Young people pass by Playing football games can be more familiar with football and have a deeper understanding of football culture, which is more conducive to the long-term development of the football industry.

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