Build your Ultimate Football Club

Have you ever dreamed of leading your favorite team to conquer the football world? This game may well be the best strategy & collection football game out there. Don't miss it!


Dream Score: Soccer Champion (UFC) is a strategy & collection football game distributed by ELEX and co-developed by Capstone Gaming and OneSports. You can recruit the players you like to build your ultimate football club and be on the top of the world. 


- Officially authorized by FIFPro and Juventus

- 1000+ famous players from all over the world, take control of P. Dybala, C. Ronaldo, G. Buffon...

- Collect your favorite players at different stages of their career, serving their legendary memories

- Deep upgrading options are available to take your favorite players to the top the way you like it

- Great graphic, with fully motion captured HD model taking all the moves to an incredible realism

- A captivating skill system provides thousands of combinations for you to create

- Choose Your Formation and tactics freely, then show off your strategies

- You have full control over your tactical moves, thanks to the Virtual Joystick & Draw Line

- Interesting PVE & PVP game modes, including Guild War, Global Cup, Championship...

- 300k words worth of interesting backstories and trivia concerning about players, clubs and coaches

- Tons of free goodies to be received daily !

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