A full-scale soccer game with an official FIFA license is now available on your smartphone!

FIFA MOBILE was created with a focus on the best football experience with high usability and graphics, as well as the fun of creating and growing your own team.

Create your own original team using real clubs and players, not only 11 to 11 online battles, but also VS attacks that proceed only with attacks, manage teams and make full use of tactics and strategies to make real league battles Let's enjoy various contents such as simulation league where you can experience such promotion and demotion!

■ FIFA MOBILE has a lot of licenses

Under a formal license, FIFA MOBILE consists of 36 leagues, 650 clubs and more than 17,000 soccer players!

Live service events are held on a regular basis to meet real new clubs and players!

■ UEFA Champions League exclusive license

FIFA MOBILE owns an exclusive license for the UEFA Champions League, the world's premier tournament!

You can also enjoy live events that reflect the actual competition!

■ Mobile-optimized operability

FIFA MOBILE supports both gesture mode and button mode in addition to automatic / manual operation.

Choose the operation method that suits you and play freely!

■ No season reset

There is no season reset in FIFA MOBILE, so you can continue to use the players you have won!

Play a lot with your ideal team!

■ Various play modes to suit your taste

In addition to the 11 to 11 full game, VS attack mode to compete for the number of goals within the time limit, simulation league where you can experience promotion and demotion like a real league battle by making full use of team management tactics and strategies, and dribbling Equipped with various game modes such as mini games such as, pass, and shoot! You can enjoy your favorite soccer according to your taste!

■ Realistic transfer market, player exchange system

Use the transfer market to freely buy and sell your favorite players,

You can exchange your players for the players your team needs!

■ Various systems that can acquire players and items

In FIFA MOBILE, there are various contents that items and players can acquire.

Use various contents to grow your team and players!

◆ About app permissions ◆

This application requires permission to provide the following services.

・ Required permissions

Save Photo / Media / File: Used to attach screenshots needed for support when contacting us.

Storage: Used to store the data used in the game.

・ How to cancel the access permission

Settings> Apps> Select Applicable Permissions> Select Permission On / Off

* The app may not provide the function to agree to each access right, so you can turn on / off the access permission by the above method.

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