Dream League Soccer is an innovative soccer simulation game that rivals the leading products and is available for the Android OS.

One of the most outstanding features of Dream League Soccer Classic is that the player can create a custom team, country, uniform and captain. After all, if you're going to manage a football team, shouldn't you be able to manage it from scratch? Many other competing games force the player to choose an existing national football team. This game allows the player to move from minor leagues to major leagues!

The controls are also easy to use, though somewhat simplistic. Unlike some other football games, this game lacks fine kick and pass adjustment. This isn't really a problem for the average player, but some football fans can lose that precision that they would have in real life football. However, the few existing controls constitute the general repertoire of football plays. Overall, the controls look familiar from many other sports games and shouldn't take long to pick up.

Dream League Soccer Classic is also unique in that it is completely free to play. Of course developers need to be able to at least offset the cost of making the game, so there are ads. If you're serious about the game, there's an option to remove the advertising for a small fee, but it's still nothing compared to the cost of similar games. In short, it is a great option for those who want a simple football game that allows the player to move up in the rankings.

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