BackStab HD has an unprecedented and unique shocking action game. The game is to explore a shocking work with gorgeous graphics, an unprecedented story and endless plot.

 In this game, you will experience an open environment, intense Combat, real and more fun action adventure game.  

In the game, you need to help the protagonist find justice on the road of revenge. 

You need to control the protagonist to climb, jump and sneak to approach and hit your enemies, and use various deadly fighting skills to kill those who hinder your revenge.


1.- Download APK AND GAME DATA.

2.- Unzip the game data which will be in a .ZIP file
3.- Move the folder called "GloftSDHM" to the following path: internal memory / gameloft / games. (IF THE "gameloft" AND "games" FOLDERS DO NOT EXIST, THEY MUST BE CREATED MANUALLY).

4.- Install the GAME APK.

5.- READY !!

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