Best Club" is the first self-developed e-sports football game developed by GALA Sports. It is authorized by FIFPRO and many giant clubs. Based on neural network AI algorithm and motion matching engine, it provides smooth operation and high definition. Game quality (120fps mode). Support real-time PVP, ultra-low latency, fair competition.

★Clouds and flowing water, pure control experience★

The game is based on a new neural network AI algorithm and motion matching engine. Multi-threaded motion matching triggers a high-speed search of 1 million players and automatically selects the most appropriate action, providing players with the most in-place operational feedback and extremely smooth football competition.

★Virtual reality, 3D hyper-realistic screen★

Based on a new generation of mobile devices, the game can not only render large scenes with more than 50,000 spectators while turning on global illumination and volumetric light high dynamic color gamut, but also realize the calculation of realistic muscle deformation and jersey physical effects, creating a real football experience. Immersive gaming experience on the field.

★Re-engraved classics, not satisfied with online battle★

The classic battle mode of PVP/PVE supports the real reproduction of leagues and cups, and at the same time innovates the player development system, and interprets competitive football games with more diverse gameplay.

★Do whatever you want, exclusive customization with high degree of freedom★

Your home is your call! ——Choose your favorite stadium, team logo, jersey, Tifos... Create your own best club anytime, anywhere, and blow up the home court!

★Feast of giants, authorized by FIFPRO+ club★

Genuine authorization, real data, linkage reality. Manchester City, Dortmund, and more powerful clubs, star personal special authorization to be announced!

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