the first football-themed competitive mobile game to land in the Chinese market, "FIFA World of Football" is "the only independent mobile game authorized by FIFA in China". More than 10,000 real stars, more than 30 real leagues, and major clubs, all in "FIFA Football World"!

Smooth feel, inherit classic terminal game operation]

In order to meet the operating needs of different players, "FIFA World of Football" provides two completely different operating modes, "traditional roulette operation" and "dot and stroke operation"-the former perfectly inherits the traditional handle operation and perfectly meets the needs of competitive players. The pursuit of difficult operation and skills, while the latter makes full use of the advantages of the touch screen to greatly reduce the threshold to get started, and more in line with the needs of casual players.

Original development, create exclusive superstars freely]

In "FIFA Football World", big-name players are not the only choice-the game has a much higher degree of freedom in player development than in the past of the same type of game. No matter which player you like, even if he can't become a superstar in reality, he can be gradually cultivated as a top player comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in "FIFA World of Football"!

Special Statement】

In the game "FIFA Football World", users log in with a platform account (QQ or WeChat), and can synchronize some of the data in the game, including levels, friends and other non-purchasing values. The game token "point coupon" purchased by the user in the game can only be used in this application. Virtual currencies on the Tencent platform, such as Q coins and Q points, cannot be used in the game. All lottery activities in "FIFA Football World" have nothing to do with Apple, and the final interpretation right belongs to Tencent

FIFA Football World" adopts the real-time PVP gameplay, becoming the first domestic football competitive mobile game that can realize real-time PVP. In view of the fragmented entertainment time of mobile game players, a single game only takes 5 minutes, allowing players to enjoy the fun of the game in daily commuting and leisure time

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