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April 14, FIFA Mobile Large Spring Update!

All with your friends with an update of watching mode!

Your own play practice through the Academy!

More colorful strategies! Play improvement!

PK changed more thrilling!

Check out FIFA Mobile large Spring Update!

[Add new content]

-Watching mode update

-Academy update

-Penation function, new pass 4 kind updates

-Double tap operation, cross assistance setting update

-The new membership system update

[Improvement of existing content]

-App icon update

-Paul call logic improvement

-In level adjustment of AI level for automatic play

-Exual exchange system reorganization

-PK Improvement: Keeper left and right movements, shooting areas and balance adjustment according to strength

-As improvement of gesture pass (improved pass progress according to the touch area of ​​the player to receive a pass)

-As angle improvement of camera angle in replay

-Add some personal balance adjustment

-Increasing in -game sound for various situations during play

-Dopling the attack situation using the roving through pass on the half -line

-Fixes a phenomenon initializing the history of changing graphics settings in settings> personal settings

-Skill boost icon change

-Plation of some BGM

-It improves to be able to identify when matching between uniforms of similar colors during the game

-Server environment optimization

-Each species bug modification

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"■ Smartphone app access rights

When using the app, we are requesting access to the following services.

[Essential access rights]

doesn't exist

[Optional access rights]

Photo/Media/File Save: Save video, upload photos and videos.

Camera: It is necessary to take pictures and video uploads.

Tel: It is necessary to collect mobile phone numbers for advertising character transmission.

* You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow selective access.

[How to withdraw access to access]

-Android 6.0 or later: Settings> App> Permit item> Permissions> Access Rights or withdrawal Selection

-Arbear 6.0 Android: Upgrade the operating system to withdraw the access rights or delete the app

※ The app may not provide individual consent functions and can withdraw access to the above method. "

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