About Eleven people in actual combat

"Eleven Combat" is a 3D realistic football competitive mobile game. The game uses next-generation modeling and carefully crafted delicate touch to create a real handheld football experience.

 Come here and compete with other players in real-time PVP! Collect the world's top star lineup and form your own championship team. The football game experience comparable to the mainframe screen, let's have a face-to-face battle with your friends immediately.

【Game Features】

·Compete with players online in real time Form your team and compete with other players in real time. Hone your skills to face the world

Take on other powerful opponents!

·Comparable to the picture effect of the mainframe

The high frame rate of 60 frames and the high-definition real model constitute the most realistic football game process. Shooting, dribbling, stealing, and passing are all based on motion capture technology, and you can get the best on-the-spot experience here.

Collect and develop a lineup

The game contains thousands of real players licensed by FiFPro, whether it is Messi and Ronaldo, or just a rookie who has just appeared, they can all shine in your lineup.

· Real player trading market

Make real-time free agent trades with other players in the trade market instead of facing a fake system store. Earn transfer fees through your skills and buy your favorite players in the market

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