EA SPORTS FC™, real league and star rights]

As the first football-themed competitive mobile game to hit the Chinese market, "FC Football World" is based on reality and innovation, ushering in a comprehensive brand upgrade. With over 19,000 real stars, 700 teams and 30 leagues, real football is all there "FC Football World"!

[Audiovisual pleasure, immersive live experience]

Thanks to new-generation engine rendering technology, "FC Football World" not only restores the world-famous real game stadium, but also simulates afternoon, evening and night game scenes and different weather conditions of the stadium, with Wang Tao, Su Dong With professional game commentary and shocking sound effects of fans' screams, "FC Football World" truly brings the game scene into the game.

[Perfect rhythm, inheriting the classic control of PC games]

Fully considering the gaming habits of mobile players, "FC Football World" not only provides "traditional roulette operation" - inheriting the traditional control mode and satisfying competitive players' pursuit of difficult operations and skills, "point and click operation " - It uses the advantages of the touch screen to lower the barrier of entry for new users and redefines the rhythm of the game based on the real arena, just to create a more accessible, rich and realistic competitive experience suitable for mobile devices.

[Original cultivation, create your own superstar as you wish]

In “FC Football World”, each player has the possibility of becoming a “super giant”! The game has a player development system with much greater freedom and richness than similar games. No matter which player you like, you can train him to become the club's "super player" in "FC Football World"!

[The stars shine, the legends are active and fighting against the vegetation]

In "FC Football World", in addition to a large number of active real players, legendary superstars with outstanding achievements in history are also listed. By recreating their legendary heroics, most football fans have also gained a deeper understanding of their legendary careers!

[Rich gameplay, compete on the same field anytime, anywhere]

"FC Football World" game not only has 11V11 real-time battles and manager vs. manager gameplay. PVP, but also the first in the industry

The new PVP mode - Offensive Versus, where players on both sides can completely abandon defense, make the most of their offensive skills in the midcourt and have fun fighting! The last game also features the European Champions League. Players can freely choose their home team and truly experience the Champions League and lead their team to win the trophy.

【Special statement】

In “FC Football World”, users log in through a platform account (QQ or WeChat) and can synchronize some game data, including levels, friends and other values that are not accumulated through purchases. Game tokens "points" purchased by users in the game can only be used in this application. Virtual currencies on the Tencent platform, such as Q coins and Q points, cannot be used in the game. All lottery activities in "FC Football World" have nothing to do with Apple, and the final right of interpretation belongs to Tencent.

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