FC Mobile BRAND NEW update!

FC Mobile anytime, anywhere!

Become more sophisticated with a new Look&Feel!

More realistic through improved gameplay tempo and experience!

More variety with power shots, hard tackles, and knock-on dribbles!

Complete your own team in the all-new FC Mobile!

Updated items

1. Apply new Look&Feel theme

- The overall UI theme is changed to match FC Mobile.

- The engine will be upgraded and the overall game graphics will be updated.

- Player modeling has been improved to create more realistic players.

- Stadium and replay points will be added/improved.

- Offside area markings have been improved.

- Sound effects for crowds, advertisements, cheering songs, etc. are varied.

- Commentary is updated.

2. Game play & tempo update

A new command, Power Shot, has been added and can be used in shooting situations.

- A new command, Hard Tackle, has been added and can be used in defensive situations.

- A new skill, Hard Stop, is added and can be used in dribbling situations.

- A new skill, Melted Dribble, has been added and can be used in dribbling situations.

- The in-game experience will be improved to better express the player's body and individual abilities.

- When shooting, shooting with various trajectories and success rates is implemented according to various requirements (status, shooting situation, location, angle, direction).

- The game tempo has been partially adjusted to facilitate the use of various intended strategies.

- The range and timing of the standing tackle cast with the sprint & tackle button have been slightly adjusted.

3. Gameplay improvements

- An issue where defenders did not actively compete for aerial balls has been improved.

- Improvements will be made to allow the keeper to intervene more actively in defensive situations.

- Depending on the player's abilities, the accuracy of corner kicks and crosses is adjusted to feel realistic.

- Accuracy is realistically adjusted based on the relevant stats of the player attempting the header and the marking ability of the competing defender.

- Player switching speed and attack/defense button changes have been optimized in situations where offense and defense are switched, such as a loose ball.

- The success rate and speed of passes attempted from the half line have been adjusted to be more realistic.

- The halftime and game-ending whistles will be improved to sound at more realistic timing.

- An issue where players sometimes hesitate when attempting a shot has been improved.

- The phenomenon of powerful shots being fired from somewhat abnormal angles or postures has been improved.

- The casting speed and success rate for consecutive skill moves have been partially adjusted.

4. Add new setting function

- A setting has been added to adjust the distance between buttons.

- A setting has been added to adjust the charging speed of the shot/pass gauge.

- A setting has been added to enable or disable face up dribbling.

- A setting has been added to turn on/off the zoom-in effect in power shot situations.

5. New motion update

- Hyper motion actions for some star players have been added. (Dribbling, shooting, etc.)

■ Information on smartphone app access rights

When using the app, access permission is requested to provide the following services.

[Optional access rights]

Photo: Required to save videos and upload photos and videos.

Camera: Required to take photos or videos and attach and submit reference materials to customer centers, etc.

Advertising identifier: Required to provide customized advertisements and analyze service use.

* You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow optional access rights.

[How to revoke access rights]

 Settings > Personal information protection > Select the relevant access rights > Select agree or withdraw access rights

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