Pro Soccer: Legend Eleven

 Thrilling hands-free showdown with Legendary soccer players!

◆ Immerse Yourself in Pro Soccer, Hands-Free!

Dive into the action effortlessly – play the game automatically.

Win without breaking a sweat, and enjoy superfast growth with non-stop excitement.

◆ Free 300 Draws to Keep You Going!

All new users receive 300 free draws.

Enjoy a constant flow of free recruits with every level up.

◆ Push Your Boundaries in Thrilling Matches!

Get ready for the excitement of high-stakes clashes!

Feel the adrenaline of epic comebacks, showcasing the dazzling skills of our legendary players.

◆ Power-Up with Just One Touch!

Catapult your team to unprecedented speeds with a single touch.

Strengthen your players effortlessly and secure victories through smart strategic moves.

◆ Craft Your Strategy, Become a Legend!

Claim victories by combining legendary players' abilities and skilled coach tactics.

Lead your team with your own style, supported by managers and facilities worthy of legends.

◆ Embark on the Champion's Journey to Become #1 on the Server!

Take on thrilling matches against the world's top players and renowned clubs.

Walk the path of champions by conquering elite matches, special challenges, and squad battles.

◆ Create your Soccer Saga with over 600 Legends!

Immerse yourself in the soccer universe with over 600 legends and their unique stories.

Enrich your strategy by collecting a myriad of legendary players.

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