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"Letter from the Development Team" to the players of "Luyin Faith", thank you for meeting you who love football

Dear fans and friends, hello everyone! Let everyone wait for a long time. After 4 years of research and development, I finally have to officially meet with you. The technical test without deleting files on PC will also be launched on September 9th, and the public beta on the whole platform will be launched on September 21st, because mobile There are complex model configurations that need to be adapted on the terminal. In order to allow all users to have a good experience, I am sorry to make friends on the mobile terminal wait a little longer.

Looking back on the past 4 years, I have stumbled along the way, but fortunately, I have always been accompanied by football. When we encounter difficulties, we go back to watch the video of 9320. In an instant, we feel that there is no obstacle to overcome. To be honest, when we got together, it was because of our passion for football, but we underestimated the difficulty of research and development of football games. When we really entered this field, we realized how great the technical accumulation of foreign teams over the years is. There is no choice but to catch up. Although we have some advantages in art, engine and some technologies as a late project, we know that in terms of operating feel, we cannot catch up with the accumulation of others for more than ten years. , we can only try to shorten the gap, and continue to catch up. Fortunately, we had you later. Your encouragement and suggestions are a great encouragement and recognition for us. We have collected and analyzed every piece of your feedback, and we have felt the same love for football in every word in it. , no less than our R&D team's love for football. And our biggest advantage is that we can listen to the voices of fans and respond quickly, and really let you all participate in the research and development. Here, I am also very grateful to the brothers who are working together. "growing up healthily.

Taking advantage of today's opportunity, we also directly answer some questions from fans and players:

1. About copyright: Due to the intricate relationship in the football field, most copyrights are monopolized all the year round. After hard work, we have obtained AC Milan, PSV Eindhoven, Royal Standard Liege, Benfica, and we are also striving for some top Premier League titles. The copyright of the club is hereby also promised to everyone. Under the circumstance that we can support ourselves, we will do our best to obtain more copyrights and bring you more favorite teams and legendary stars.

2. Regarding payment: While we are game developers, we are also ordinary players, and we also hate some designs, so we resolutely do not do rolling cards or invalid cards, although this can make more money , but we want a virtuous circle, we want to do long-term projects, and we hope that everyone will "generate electricity for love" and we will go on together.

Going back to the upcoming public beta and the technical test without deleting files on PC, we added new system functions based on your feedback and suggestions after the end of the test in July, giving players more motivation to attack the reward system. In terms of gameplay, the league, manager qualifying, qualifying, etc. have been greatly optimized and rewarded. The qualifying and manager qualifying games that everyone is interested in have also added a flop reward game after the game. We have also carried out further iterations on player data and chemical reactions. At the same time, art interaction and operation feel have also ushered in a new upgrade under the long-term "incentive" of everyone.

Not only that, we have also prepared a lot of activities for the technical test of not deleting files for the first PC. After the PC does not delete files and the technical test starts, [Newcomer Welfare Program], [Daily Sponsorship], [Weekly Shining Star], [Limited Time Challenge], [Legendary Star Recruitment] and other activities will be available for everyone to experience first.

Many players have asked, when will the previous test benefits and official website reservations and other event benefits be distributed? I will synchronize with you here. All the related activities and the rewards of the previous rush points (billing) test rebate will be issued during the public beta test of the whole platform~

Finally, I am very grateful to all the players who have followed us, supported us, and grew up with me along the way! We will definitely live up to the love and expectations of all players of "Linyin Faith".

The development team of "Faith in Greenery" will always stand with you.







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