Asphalt Overdrive

 Asphalt Overdrive is part of the Asphalt racing franchise, but here he breaks away from the classic gameplay of the series (which is set in modern settings) to give the air of his grace in the eighties.

Instead of controlling the car in the traditional way, in Asphalt Overdrive you move by sliding your finger across the screen, on three different tracks. Likewise, if you are heading towards a ramp, you can jump with a simple gesture.

During races, increase your nitro bar hitting other cars along the way. When the bar is full, activate the turbo and leave the cops in the dust and super jumps!

Even though the gameplay of Asphalt Overdrive is very much like an 'endless run', the game is actually divided into short phases, each lasting about two minutes. Also, you will find different types of stages and special events.

Asphalt Overdrive is a simple and fun racing game with amazing graphics inspired by other games and movies set in the 80's. And the gameplay is perfectly adapted for Android devices.

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